Creating Source Releases

Quantities is distributed as a source release for Linux and OS-X. To create a source release, just do:

python register
python sdist --formats=zip,gztar upload --sign

This will create the tgz source file and upload it to the Python Package Index. Uploading to PyPi requires a .pypirc file in your home directory, something like:

username: <username>
password: <password>

You can create a source distribution without uploading by doing:

python sdist

This creates a source distribution in the dist/ directory.

Creating Windows Installers

We distribute binary installers for the windows platform. In order to build the windows installer, open a DOS window, cd into the quantities source directory and run:

python build
python bdist_msi

This creates the executable windows installer in the dist/ directory.

Building Quantities documentation

The Quantities documentation is automatically built on

Should you need to build the documentation locally, Sphinx, LaTeX (preferably TeX-Live), and dvipng are required. Once these are installed, do:

cd doc
make html

which will produce the html output and save it in build/sphinx/html. Then run:

make latex
cd build/latex
make all-pdf
cp Quantities.pdf ../html

which will generate a pdf file in the latex directory.